Sofrito (plus salmon!)

Today, I spent the day making sofrito. After retiring 6 weeks ago today, I signed up for a Master Class with Thomas Keller, the great chef at The French Laundry in Napa. One of our assignments was to make sofrito with two different oils (olive and canola). So I did. First, a caution: this will take a total of five (5) hours, so be patient!

You’ll need 3 cups of Continue reading


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Salmon provençale

Finally back on track on cooking and posting!

Tonight, I wanted to make a dish to draw on the lessons learned from the wonderful Christmas gift from my hubby, Jennifer Simonetta-Bryan and Ken Arnone’s “Pairing with the Masters,” a fabulous book about wine and food pairing.

So I made an old family favorite, Salmon provençale.

This is a great recipe that combines tomatoes, olives, red wine, and Continue reading

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Day 1 of pre-retirement…

…and it did not go as anticipated.

So, retirement, yay! We all look forward to it, right? No one to boss us around, no one to tell us when to get up, what to do, or … [fill in the blank here with whatever your particular fantasy is].

I am very fortunate in that my organization has a pre-retirement program that allows us to Continue reading

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