Tomato-cheese tart

What better way to use those lovely garden-ripe tomatoes than to make a tomato-cheese tart!

It’s easy, can be prepared ahead, and makes a great dish for home or to take to a potluck!  This Continue reading

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Cajun-style marinade

It’s summer, so my mind naturally turns to grilling.  And grilling naturally turns my mind to marinades.  Marinades are a wonderful way to add deep flavors and seasonings to anything, from fish to chicken to pork to beef — marinades are wondrously flexible!

Tonight we’d bought catfish and boneless thin-sliced chicken breasts, so I decided to make a Cajun-style marinade Continue reading

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German-American potato salad

Potato salad works so well with summertime meals, especially anything grilled. To add a little variation to traditional potato salad, a recipe from Chef Thomas Keller for German Potato Salad inspired me to combine elements from his version into my own (drawn from Joy of Cooking).  I called it German-American potato salad to reflect this dual nature.

You’ll need 2-3 pounds of waxy potatoes (I used Yukon Golds); 4-5 Continue reading

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