WSJ’s Word Craft column — a great read every week

The Wall Street Journal publishes a Word Craft column** in its weekend edition, which appears on Saturday (the e-version generally comes out on Friday evening). Each week, authors write short essays on any topic that appeals to them. Some recent examples include John Irving (on how he begins to write); Anna Quindlen (on how she disciplines herself to write); Frank Delaney (on using the oral storytelling tradition as inspiration); and Hilary Mantel (on writing believable dialogue for historical novels).

I love this column and look for it every week. There is something encouraging about hearing from more experienced and polished writers on their own techniques, challenges, and sources of inspiration. I hope you’ll find something inspirational there, too!

**If the embedded link here doesn’t work, just go to the WSJ and search for Word Craft.



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2 responses to “WSJ’s Word Craft column — a great read every week

  1. Elizabeth Shaw

    What has happened to “Word Craft” ? I can no longer find it in the WSJ Week End Edition.

    • Elizabeth, they seem to have dropped the column. I wrote in and said that it was my favorite thing to read on weekends and that I hoped they’d bring it back, but no luck so far.

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