Time to add a new book

Well, I just passed the halfway mark in the last round of revisions to my suspense novel, Absolute Trust. And since I’ll be going to a couple of writers’ conferences soon and, with a bit of luck and perseverance, will start pitching my new book this fall, it seemed to be high time to officially add it to the website.

So I did.

Here’s the current working summary paragraph, still being tweaked:

What if the only way to solve a murder was by betraying the trust of someone you love?

Early one foggy March morning, Detective John Delaney arrives in a tony Charlottesville, Virginia suburb to investigate the murder of well-connected investment advisor Charlie Cooper. But there is precious little evidence to go on, and Delaney quickly learns that the case will be more complicated than he’d assumed. Department veterans bent on keeping old secrets buried, resentful insiders leaking confidential case information to the media, and an embattled police chief buffeted by nonstop political pressure all undermine his investigation and make him question who is on his side.

Just when Delaney thinks things can’t get worse, he uncovers circumstantial evidence implicating a senior officer and is given one short week by the chief to make his case or drop it. Then Delaney learns that the woman he loves is the unwitting key to the murder, the one person who can definitively tie killer and victim together—and nail the case. But he no longer knows who he can count on to protect his evidence or keep her safe. Driven by his personal sense of duty to bring the murderer to account, will Delaney risk his career, betray her trust, and endanger both their lives?

Absolute Trust is a 100,000-word suspense novel now in revision.

Absolute Trust cover


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