Creativity prompt of the week

Ever heard of the Writers Write blog? I really like it, especially the quotes and the writing prompts. They can make me think about my stories and characters and plot in different and richer ways, all because they free my mind up. (One I really loved was “Describe what’s in your protagonist’s medicine cabinet.” Interesting!)

A writer/actor friend told me once that she starts every day by going to the Writers Write “prompt of the day” page and writing for five minutes on whatever the prompt is. She says it makes her more creative all day long.

Well, something happened this week at our house that made me think of a writing prompt because how I responded initially and how it really turned out were two completely different things.  It all started when I was down in our basement exercise room, doing my usual cardio workout with music. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking at the front door upstairs. I figured whoever it was didn’t need to see me all sweaty, so I kept working out.

Then they knocked again, harder. And then again, even harder. So hard, in fact, that it almost sounded like way the police would knock.

So, here’s the prompt:

The knocking at the front door suddenly turned to pounding—bam, bam, bam—and I…

[fill in the blank with 100 words or less]


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