Creativity prompt: What do you feel?

For the creativity prompt this week, complete this sentence:

When I look at this, I feel…


ferris wheel


When I look at this, I feel both nostalgic and wistful. Nostalgic, because the ferris wheel reminds me of the county fairs of my childhood, when my friends and I would wander around the fairground, marveling at the sights, gorging ourselves on food, and riding every ride we could.

But it also makes me feel wistful. Wistful, because it’s overgrown, covered with vines and kudzu, forgotten by all, no longer remembered by the children it once delighted.

Is this the story of our past, of all our histories? The times of great joys, of childish delights, of magical experiences, intense and concentrated while they lasted but now as ephemeral as the fog that floats among the trees in this photo. What would it be like, I wonder, to be transported back in time to a moment when this ferris wheel was turning, its buckets full of laughing children, music playing in the background? To a time when all was alive again?



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2 responses to “Creativity prompt: What do you feel?

  1. Love these sorts of prompts. Will share on FB next week sometime. As for me…I remember being stuck at the top of a ferris wheel about an hour (or it seemed like an hour) because it was broken. I was at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto and my boyfriend at the time (who was a jerk, in hindsight) was with me. I’m a bit phobic about heights and he kept making it swing back and forth and he was laughing at me for being scared. Hmmm….not exactly a happy memory, but the good start of a story!


    • Hi Judy! You know, your comments remind me of a time when I was stuck on the top of a double-decker ferris wheel at the San Diego County Fair as a kid — my friend and I were on the top wheel that kept revolving and revolving, to the point that we started feeling queasy, though whether from too much motion or too much cotton candy, I don’t know…

      Understand totally about the jerk boyfriend making the basket rock back and forth. Funny how hindsight brings such clarity to our experiences!


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