Broiled salmon with horseradish aioli

First things first: I have to confess to feeling somewhat guilty for posting a recipe that is so completely, utterly easy to make. Because this took less than 20 minutes, start to finish. It’s almost like cheating.

Hold on a second while I assuage my guilt.

Okay, done. (I know: that didn’t take long, did it? I should perhaps feel guilty about that, too, but I don’t, not really.)

You should know this about me: I like elegant meals, but I also like easy meals. And when they can be combined, well, all the better, right? Because on a Friday night after a long week, the last thing in the world you want is to come home to spend hours …. hours!! …. cooking. But elegant meals are always wonderful and always important because feeling elegant is important. It helps elevate us above the slings and arrows that daily life sometimes hurls our way, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, on to today’s recipe: Broiled salmon fillets with horseradish aioli.

The easy part of this is that the horseradish aioli is (ahem) not homemade. I bought it at the grocery store last night. Also, one could grill the salmon fillets and have an equally lovely and equally elegant meal. So choose your method: broiling or grilling, both will work. But this recipe focuses on broiling.

First, put the oven rack up high (I slid ours into the second-highest slot) and turn on the broiler. While it’s heating, cut the (fresh, ideally) salmon fillets into roughly equally sized pieces. Assembly your main ingredients: salt (I used coarse sea salt), plus dill (fresh or, tonight, dried, since my garden dill is long gone), and a jar of horseradish aioli (in this case, from Stonewall Kitchen). (Not shown: my pepper grinder, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, and fresh lemon juice.)


Rub the salmon fillets generously with olive oil until they gleam and glisten.


Drizzle with fresh lemon juice, then season with the sea salt (I used a grinder), then the pepper (also with a grinder), and dill.


If broiling, line a heavy pan with aluminum foil (I used two sheets), then drizzle the pan with olive oil or spray with olive oil or cooking spray. Place the fillets into the pan.


Slide into the oven and broil for 8 to 12 minutes. (I know, it’s frustrating to not give you a precise time but it really depends on how thick the fillets are and how close the rack is to the top heating element.)

Keep an eye on your fillets and broil until the edges get crispy, then remove from heat.


Plate and serve with a garnish of that great horseradish aioli draped across the top. (Of course, you’ll need to move fast to serve before the fancy swirls of the garnish start to melt from the heat of the salmon!)



We paired this tonight with a lovely 2014 Virginia Viognier from King Family Vineyards, which is probably my all-time favorite Virginia Viognier around. And, as a side, I made risotto with parmesan, which was also really lovely.

Cheers, and here’s to Friday and elegant and simple meals!


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