Broiled swordfish with green olive relish

This recipe is modified from one in Bobby Flay’s Grill It! cookbook, which was a birthday gift to me earlier this year from my family. In a nutshell, I broiled rather than grilled the fish and used a mixture of olives from the olive bar at my local Whole Foods instead of the picholine olives listed in the recipe.

Start by getting everything ready: about a pound of swordfish steaks; two tablespoons of crushed fresh garlic; olive oil (I used extra-virgin olive oil, plus olive oil infused with rosemary); salt and pepper; and (not shown) lemon juice.


First, place the top rack at the next-to-highest level in the oven and turn on the broiler. (Or you can always use the grill!)

Second, prepare the olive relish. Chop one cup of green olives. (I used a mixture of olives, including garlic-stuffed olives, olives marinated in herbs and oil, and some very bright green olives whose name escapes me at the moment (but they were pretty good). Add one teaspoon of crushed garlic, one teaspoon dried rosemary leaves, one teaspoon dried parsley leaves, and two tablespoons of olive oil. Stir and set aside for at least thirty minutes.


Cut the swordfish into four pieces, then rub with the olive oil and place in a foil-lined heavy pan. Sprinkle with lemon juice, then add salt and pepper to taste.


Put into the oven and broil for five minutes, then remove from heat, spoon some olive relish over the top, then return to the broiler for another five minutes. Remove from heat, plate, and serve with additional relish on the side.


Easy! Only real time element here is letting the olive relish sit for a while. Otherwise, this took 15 minutes to make.

We served this with a Virginia Pinot Gris from Pollak Vineyards. This was an Alsatian-style Pinot Gris, with a richer aroma (flora, honey, light stone fruit) and taste. Perfect combination with the tang of the olive relish on the fish.





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