Virginia wine trail visits

We spent the latter half of the afternoon today out at Linden Vineyards, one of our favorite zen places to be.


Wine, cheese, and charcuterie at Linden Vineyards.

The blizzard we had one week ago was still very much apparent here.


This visit reminded me that I haven’t posted winery photos of our travels around Virginia’s wine trails. No sooner said than done!

Several of our recent trips have been to Loudoun County wineries, including Tarara and Fabbioli, long-time favorites.

Tarara was established a long time ago on the banks of the Potomac River. (The name Tarara is Ararat spelled backwards. The owners visited the property during a flood and commented that a large rock in the middle of the Potomac looked like Mount Ararat. And so sprang the name.) The tasting room and production facility are literally carved into the rock on the river banks, so coming out of the facilities is like coming out of a tunnel:


View from inside the tasting room at Tarara Vineyards.

But inside, it’s quite spacious, kind of like the Tardis in Dr. Who. It’s a lot bigger than one would expect, judging from the modest entrance.


Tasting room at Tarara Vineyards, north of Leesburg, VA.

Fabiola Cellars is just down the road. Doug Fabbioli was the original winemaker at Tarara before leaving to start his own winery. I love the sparkling lights on the trellis outside the patio next to the tasting room:


Patio at Fabbioli Cellars at twilight.

One of the things I love about Fabbioli is that they pair their wines with small bites of food, so you get an opportunity to see how different wines complement different kinds of food.


Wine and food pairing at Fabbioli Cellars.

The weekend after Christmas, we visited Grey Ghost, just past Warranton. They have a display each year of sculptures made from wine corks. They’d decided to take them down the day before our visit, unfortunately, but there was one left, a hot-air balloon sculpted entirely from wine corks:


A hot-air balloon sculpture made from wine corks at Grey Ghost Vineyards, Amissville, VA.

Breaux Vineyards is fabulous. The views of the vines are terrific… and the wines are really nice, too.


View of the main tasting room at Breaux Vineyards at twilight.

We’ve also been to several wineries in the greater Charlottesville and Albemarle County areas. Jefferson is a really lovely place to visit, and I’ve already posted some photos from our stop there.


Inside the auxiliary tasting room at Jefferson Vineyards, southeast of Charlottesville.

The vineyards are planted where Jefferson’s original vineyards were located. While Jefferson’s vines never produced grapes that could be made into wine, things are very different now!

St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Simeon, next to Jefferson Vineyards, built in 1892, and the Salt Artisan Market, in an old 1930s gas station

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Simeon, next to Jefferson Vineyards, built in 1892, and the Salt Artisan Market, in an old 1930s gas station

We also visited Afton Mountain Vineyards, which is located on the property originally owned by Bacchus Vineyards, one of the original Virginia farm wineries back in the 1970s. They have a lovely outdoor pavilion where we sat for a while enjoying the view and the warmth from the fire pits.


And I have to mention that we bought one of the original 1978 Cabernet Sauvignon vines from Afton, in support of their charity drive for rural medical services. We’re still trying to decide where to hang this in our home. (Don’t worry — I’ll figure it out!)


1978 Cabernet Sauvignon vine, originally planted by Bacchus Vineyards.


One of our long-time favorites is Veritas, just south of Afton Mountain. Emily Pelton is the very talented winemaker there. Her wines are absolutely divine!


Veritas Vineyards’ tasting room at holiday time.

And we stopped by Blue Toad Cidery, in between Flying Fox and Veritas. They offer tastings of Well Hung Vineyards’ wines, which doesn’t have a tasting room of its own. If you stop by, do try their Cabernet Franc, my very favorite Virginia red and extremely well done here.



Hope you all are safe, warm, and well! Cheers!



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