Where is our Virginia spring?

Yikes. In Virginia, spring is supposed to be in full swing by now! And yet the temperature fell to the high 20s overnight for the second night in a row. Which means I went out this morning all bundled up in my winter coat and scarf and insulated gloves instead of wearing, oh, say just a light fleece jacket.

But this is potentially bad news for our Virginia vineyards which are now checking to see just how much damage their vines have suffered. (You can read about one vineyard in the Monticello AVA here:  King Family is in the village of Crozet, just west of Charlottesville.) Breaux Vineyards, up in Loudoun County, did a controlled burn this weekend at the base of the slopes where their Nebbiolo and Viognier vines are planted in the hopes that the warmth would help prevent cold damage. (You can see photos here on their Facebook page.)

I’m hoping for the best, but the reality is this could translate to a reduced harvest and the need to replace vines later this year, particularly for the less cold-hardy varieties. (One vineyard we know, Ox-Eye in the Shenandoah, last year pulled up its Gewürztraminer and replaced it with the hardier Traminette for this reason.)

In the meantime, here are a few spring photos from northern Virginia, if only to prove to myself and other Virginians that yes, indeed, spring has officially begun, even if it doesn’t quite feel like it at the moment.

Forsythia bushes are everywhere and are the first to bloom, along with our famous flowering cherry trees.


This is what our area looked like two short weeks ago — aside from cherry blossoms, forsythia, and evergreens, lots of bare branches.


These fishermen were all bundled up against the crisp air but were having some success in catching fish at the lake in my neighborhood.



The sky was so blue that it looked even more vivid when reflected by the lake.


The colors from the lake can be amazing in how they change and shift depending on the angle of the photograph. Here are three photos of the same Canada goose as seen from three different spots on the shore.

Lots of greens and violets and earth tones here…


…which morph into a shimmery golden-green further out…


…and then a lovely glittery golden-blue.


Gives me hope that spring warmth will really arrive… and will stick around for a while. That would be great, especially since golf season is about to start later this month!


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2 responses to “Where is our Virginia spring?

  1. I wish I could send you some of our spring weather! It has been 85 degrees here in Oklahoma the past two weeks!


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