Strawberry salsa

This is a super recipe that makes great use of the fresh fruits and veggies now in abundant supply. It’s easy to make and only requires a fair amount of chopping and dicing.


Let’s start! Assemble your (lovely, colorful, fresh!) ingredients: one pound of fresh strawberries; two kiwi fruits; one medium cucumber; one jalapeño pepper; one lemon; and about two tablespoons of mint leaves (I used fresh mint from my garden).


Rinse, trim, and dice the strawberries into a large bowl.


Dice the kiwis and add. Then rinse and halve the cucumber, scoop out the seeds in the middle, and dice. I used a vegetable peeler to make zebra stripes on the peel, just to make it interesting.


Rinse, trim, and halve the jalapeño pepper, scooping out all the seeds. The seeds are where all the fiery pepperiness is located, so taking them out means the jalapeño will add a nice warm zing to the salsa without being so fiery that it overwhelms the dish. Now, mince the pepper and add it to the mix.


Chop the mint leaves finely and add to the salsa, then add about two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Mix well and you’re done!

We served this over broiled salmon fillets. If you’re serving with a fish, such as salmon, be sure to keep the fish very simple so that it doesn’t compete with the salsa for flavor. I drizzled the fillets lightly with olive oil and fresh lemon juice, then broiled until they started to brown and crisp on the edges. It was a great combination with the strawberry salsa!


Since we love Virginia wine, as you know, we served this tonight with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc from 8 Chains North Winery, which is just west of Leesburg. The light brightness of the wine was a great complement to the brightness of the salsa and the deeper mellowness of the salmon.

Cheers, and let me know if you try the salsa!



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3 responses to “Strawberry salsa

  1. Cucumber is a interesting addition. It would be add a nice refreshing element.


  2. Kimberly H

    Looks delish! Perfect summertime recipe~Can’t wait to try it 🙂


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