Virginia winery photos for Virginia Wine Month!

Wow, has time slipped by fast! It’s been over a month since my last post (how’d that happen?!). Since we’ve been busy visiting wineries, here are some photos for you. Cheers!

We started 2016 at Tarara Winery (that’s Ararat, as in Mt. Ararat from the Bible, spelled backwards). The tasting room is carved into a hillside which gives it a great look coming back out into the light, don’t you think?!



A few weeks later, we were down in the Charlottesville area, visiting (among other places) Afton Mountain Winery on a chilly January day. But they had a fire out in the gazebo where we sat (warm and toasty) over a glass of Pinot Noir.


Then we had a mini-Snowmageddon in mid-February, when a coastal storm dumped lots of snow in our area. This is Linden Vineyards, about 50 miles west of Washington D.C., after that storm. Lovely!


Eventually snows melt and spring returns. We love celebrating warmer weather at Sunset Hills, a restored, Amish-built 19th-century barn. Their craftsmanship is amazing!


In the late spring, we visited Muse Vineyards after crossing the Shenandoah River on a single lane concrete bridge. But it was beautiful!


Summer means Polo Days at King Family Vineyards, west of Charlottesville. I know nothing about polo except that the horses are absolutely beautiful! (Plus KFV’s wines are superb, best of all possible worlds.)


Summer hit us with a bang this year, getting very hot very fast. We stayed in the shade, though, here at Lost Creek Vineyards where another visitor was admiring Merlot, the winery cat.


Summer’s heat in Virginia also means thunderstorms at short notice. This one came up at the tail end of our visit to Boxwood Winery, in Middleburg, horse country-central in Virginia.


And here’s the wrap-up, a close-up of freshly picked Viognier grapes at Maggie Malick Wine Caves, west of Leesburg (which is west of Washington DC). Beautiful!





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