Veggie stir-fry with tofu & peanut sauce

I love quick and easy veggie dishes, especially stir-fries. This dish was inspired to a large extent by Andrea Giang’s recipe for Shrimp Zucchini Noodles with Peanut Sauce on her wonderful Cooking with a Wallflower blog. (Check it out if you haven’t yet!) From start to finish, it takes about 15 minutes.



I’m allergic to shrimp so substituted tofu in its place. And I ended up tossing in other veggies that I happened to have on hand.


Start by assembling your ingredients: one-half of a large sweet onion; two cloves of garlic; one medium sweet red bell pepper; one package (8 ounces) fresh mushrooms; one-half of a package (about 7-8 ounces) of extra-firm tofu, drained; one cup of chopped spinach (I used frozen, which worked well); two medium zucchinis, partially peeled; 1/2 cup of Thai peanut sauce; salt and pepper to taste.

For a stir-fry, it’s especially important to have all your ingredients at arm’s length — the dish cooks quickly so you’ll want to have everything on hand to add to the sauté pan as quickly as you can!

Start by chopping the sweet onion (either sweet Spanish or Vidalia).


Heat a sauté pan over medium-high and add about 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. When the oil begins to shimmer, pour in the onion, then crush the garlic cloves and add to the mix.


While the onion and garlic are cooking, rinse, quarter, and trim the red pepper, then chop.


Pour into the sauté pan and toss into the onion-garlic mixture. Let this continue to cook.


Rinse and trim the fresh mushrooms. Then either coarsely chop or (my preference) break the mushrooms apart by hand for a more rustic look. Add this to the sauté pan as well and toss.


Now, cube the block of tofu by cutting it in half, then half again, and so forth.


Add to the pan and toss.


Add the cup of frozen chopped spinach and toss.


Rinse and (if desired) peel the zucchini. I sometimes like to do a zebra-peel, which adds a little bit of color interest to the final product.


Here you see the zucchini in my Vegetti, a wonderful (and inexpensive!) little tool that lets you make spaghetti-like ribbons from just about any vegetable you’d like. (I got it on Amazon!) Simply insert the zucchini (or carrot or whatever), twist, and voilà! Veggie spaghetti!


Add this to the sauté pan and toss yet again.


It was a little hard to find peanut sauce at the store — our local grocery didn’t carry it (though they have a great Asian food section). I found this peanut sauce at Whole Foods. You’d probably be able to find something similar at an Asian market in your area.


Be sure to stir the sauce in the jar first! Now add 1/2 cup (4 ounces) to the sauté pan, toss, cover, and turn the heat off. Let this rest for about 2-3 minutes.


I’ve served this over brown basmati rice, whole-grain pasta (fettuccine), and even just plain in the bento box I pack for my weekday lunch at work. The peanut sauce gives this an amazing flavor!


And, since I’m also a Virginia wine blogger, I can tell you that I’ve served this with a lovely Virginia Merlot (from White Hall Vineyards), which was a great combination.



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