Foodie Virginia!

Too many activities, too little time to do them in — story of my life these days! But we’ve had some great foodie experiences here in Virginia that I’d like to share, starting with this delectable hot cocoa from our neighborhood (“neighborhood,” as in “within walking distance”) restaurant.

And it really was delectable, too, with foamy handmade marshmallows on top of a rich, creamy hot cocoa. Just the right thing for a chilly late December afternoon! Being a Virginia wine blogger also has

its perks. The photo above is the spread for a tasting at an upscale winery, RdV, which includes a guided tour plus a tasting with a charcuterie-cheese plate. We were fortunate to have my sister-in-law down right after Christmas and went out to a nearby restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi, for dinner. Love their wonderful appetizers, such as this great tomato bisque soup with pesto biscotti.


Another nearby winery, Breaux Vineyards, had a special macaron-sparkling wine tasting which we couldn’t pass up. This paired a sparkling rosé with a lavender macaron and a sparkling Chardonnay with a cherry-chocolate macaron. Really fabulous!


We were in Staunton this past weekend (pronounced “STAN-ton”) for plays at the American Shakespeare Center (fabulous productions, always!) and also to enjoy the magnificent cuisine at The Shack, an absolutely unique restaurant that’s cited in “Victuals” (a book by Ronni Lundy). This is the second time we’ve been there, and we’ve been wowed both times!


Staunton is a really lovely old town in the Shenandoah Valley. We stayed at the Frederick House, where they’ve restored several old 19th-century buildings to serve as residences. This was the sitting area of our small suite (bedroom plus sitting room). Beautiful, isn’t it?!


And the breakfasts there are fabulous, from yogurt-granola to whole-grain waffles to strata, it’s all terrific!


The wineries near Charlottesville also have fabulous food selections. At Pollak Vineyards (one stop on the Monticello Wine Trail), we had bread and hot baguette slices, plus a hot sausage-pesto panini for our lunch on the outdoor veranda overlooking the mountains and winery pond. Perfect!


I could go on and on but will stop here. Virginia really is a lovely state with a lot to see and do. Please come visit us!






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2 responses to “Foodie Virginia!

  1. Kimberly H, so glad you liked it! And yes, it was heavenly — am still thinking about it!


  2. Kimberly H


    Okay – Thanks for sharing!! This post makes this foodie wine lover want to book this exact same getaway! Everything looks heavenly–in the most delicious way 🙂


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