Mustard-glazed catfish fingers

Looking for a quick dinner that will take 20 minutes or less to cook? Try this one, catfish fingers glazed in a creamy mustard sauce. Quick and very easy!

To make this, you’ll need at least a pound of fresh catfish (our fillet weighed in at 1 1/3 pounds); 1 tablespoon olive oil; 2 tablespoons butter; 1/4 cup white wine (ideally, the wine you’ll be serving it with); 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard; 2 tablespoons whole grain Dijon; about 1/4 cup of half-and-half; and salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the catfish fillet into fingers, about 1 inch wide and 2 to 3 inches long. Drizzle about 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt over the fish.

Warm a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add the olive oil first, then the butter.

Adding the oil first will let the butter melt and lightly brown without burning. Now add the fish fingers to the pan, back side up.

Sauté until golden brown, about 5-6 minutes, then turn.

Sauté for another 5 minutes to brown, then remove from heat to a plate.

Keep the sauté pan over heat.

Deglaze the pan by pouring in the 1/4 cup of white wine. Expect a lot of steam when you do!

Reduce the wine until about 1-2 tablespoons remain in the pan, then add the mustards.

I combined both regular Dijon to give the sauce a bit of zing along with whole grain Dijon for its lovely mellowness and the interesting texture of the seeds. Stir these into the sauté pan.

Once the mustards and wine have blended well, pour in the half-and-half. You can adjust the total amount for the kind of flavor you most want to come out — less for a sharper mustard flavor, more for a creamier taste. (I used just over 1/4 cup because I wanted to drizzle a bit onto the pasta.)

Stir with a wooden spoon until well-blended, then slide the fish fingers back into the pan. Turn to coat on both sides.

And there you have it, done in less than 20 minutes!

We served the fish with four-cheese Italian cheese tortellini and broccoli. And we paired it with two different Virginia wines, one a Chardonnay from Honah Lee Vineyards; and the second, a Cabernet Franc from Slater Run Vineyards. Super wines, and super pairings!



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