I’m a little bit of a lot of things.

What I am mostly is a writer and editor by profession, someone who has loved words and language and books for as long as I can remember. There has not been a time in my life when I didn’t have at least one book in train, often more than that.

My love of words extends to the theater, which to me is magical. We’ve seen each of Shakespeare’s plays at least twice on stage. At their best, they are riveting, the emotions so real, the comedies still funny, the tragedies haunting. Shakespeare can still speak to us, even after 400 years.

Irish plays, especially by modern playrights, are fabulous. I love experiencing the musicality of Irish English, the lilt of brogue, the commingling of tragedy and comedy. (Read or see Martin McDonagh’s A Skull in Connemara or Lieutenant of Inishmore, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Back to business. If you’ve checked out this website, you also know that I love Virginia wine. The first Virginia winery I ever visited was Meredyth, now closed, back when our wine was not much to write home about. Things are very different now. As a proud Virginia Wine Mafia member, I love introducing our wonderful wineries and wines to as many people as possible. Virginia produces some great wines, and I hope you’ll try some when you have the chance.

I’m also a bit of a foodie and have taken cooking classes in the United States, Sweden, and France. For a few years now, I’ve been a volunteer tester for Cook’s Illustrated, which has been a fun way to learn new techniques. I don’t share those recipes, at least not until they’ve been published — part of the deal with Cook’s. But I do share others, including some I make up on my own. And part of the fun is figuring out which wine to serve with which dish and thinking about how to push the boundaries there.

Welcome, and thank you for reading!

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