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Salmon rillettes with potato chips

Last week, we went to a cooking class/demo at one of our favorite local restaurants (Mon Ami Gabi) that was led by MAG’s executive chef (Chef Phil). For the appetizer, he made Salmon Rillettes.

What’s a rillette, you might ask?

Well, as someone who not only studied French in college but also lived in France for a year, I should have known this already! But I didn’t. Basically, it’s like a Continue reading


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Just say yes!

A little while ago, a friend at work recommended this TED Talk by Shonda Rhimes, titled “My year of saying yes to everything.”

Now, I have to confess to being perhaps one of only 327 people in America who didn’t know who Shonda Rhimes was or who had never watched one of her shows, ever. We’re not big on TV at our home, mostly because my non-work hours are filled with other things, from Virginia wine blogging to volunteering in our local citizen-police outreach group to spending time with family to revising (yet again!) that mystery/detective novel that’s been a goal for several years now.

But I did some research and learned she’s Continue reading


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Slow down and take a breath

Sometimes, even when there’s a lot on your to-do list, you just have to slow down and take a breath and enjoy the world and life with those you love. This is what I did yesterday afternoon — a visit to one of our favorite Virginia wineries (Breaux), then back home for a light lakeside dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Bliss!



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