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#PitMad and what it taught me

Seasoned writers probably know all about Pitch Madness (also known on Twitter as #PitMad), especially if they write Young Adult books. To be honest, I’d never heard of #PitMad before seeing mention of it early this morning on a writer’s discussion board that I’m on. And, boom, just like that, I decided to jump right in before I could get cold feet and start talking myself out of it.

Now, pitching is not my strong suit. At all. In fact, the idea of approaching an agent at a writers’ conference and pitching them at one of the many pitch sessions that are commonly offered sends cold chills down my spine and makes my palms sweat.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my story and my characters. I delight in making life difficult for them, even killing off a character or two. (Three bite the dust in my current work in progress, in fact.) It’s simply that I find it difficult to condense the whole 100K-word story into just one sentence. But this seemed like a good chance to learn, to explore, to push my boundaries a bit.

Here’s what I learned from my five tweets (four done already, one more to go):

  • Make sure you learn the “rules of the road” for something like this. For #PitMad, that means no favoriting tweets — agents only are allowed to do that. If you spot a tweet you like, though, you can show that by retweeting it.

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