Absolute Trust

Detective John Delaney gave up a promising Wall Street career to become a cop, determined to make a difference with his life even at the cost of relationships with family and friends. Now he has been handpicked by the chief of police to lead the department’s biggest homicide investigation in a decade, but his high-profile case takes a dangerous turn when evidence begins pointing to a killer inside their own ranks.

*   *   *

John is confident he’ll quickly wrap up the murders of well-connected investment advisor Charlie Cooper and his girlfriend outside Charlottesville, Virginia. After all, Cooper’s estranged wife, Jeannette Dwyer, not only found the bodies but inherits his estate.

But John’s evidence against Jeannette fizzles, and the few clues he can find seem to raise more questions than answers. Not to mention someone is leaking insider information to the media, undermining the investigation and questioning his competence.

Then John learns the murder weapon is a gun that vanished from the police department’s evidence room years before. And he discovers Cooper had threatened to go public with allegations that a police officer had sexually assaulted a woman and coerced her into silence. That’s when Cooper turned up dead.

Old secrets and new lies pile up as John finds himself facing choices he never thought he’d have to make. Could it possibly get any worse?

He’s about to find out.




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