Wine Pairings

Wine vintages in Virginia vary greatly from year to year, much as they do in France. But the tasting notes from the GoughPubs Facebook page should give you a general sense of the characteristics of the wines so that you can pick a comparable one to use if you can’t find the specific Virginia wine. Cheers!

Afton Mountain Vineyards Bollicine (sparkling)

Watermelon-feta salad (July 2016)

Breaux Vineyards 2014 Grand Oak Sauvignon Blanc

Braised leeks with olives, tomatoes, & polenta (March 2016)

Breaux Vineyards 2014 Rosé

Crusty Tilapia (January 2016), Creamy Hasselback Potatoes (January 2016)

Casanel Vineyards 2014 Chardonnay

Planked salmon fillets with smoked sea salt (March 2016)

Glen Manor 2013 Vin Rouge

Blackened grilled catfish (July 2016)

King Family 2014 Cabernet Franc

Butternut squash gratin (October 2016)

King Family Vineyards 2014 Chardonnay

Parmesan chicken, Provençal-style veggie stir fry (April 2016); Salmon & mushrooms wrapped in phyllo (March 2016); Spinach Gratin (March 2016)

King Family 2014 Viognier

Cilantro-lime sauce (with salmon)  (June 2016)

Linden Vineyards 2013 Claret

Rainbow trout with buttermilk-panko crust, Potato Polpettes (April 2016)

Magnolia Vineyards 2012 Cabernet Franc Reserve

Smoked paprika-tomato sauce (with fish) (April 2016)

Ox-Eye Vineyards 2015 Shy Ox Rosé

Watermelon-feta salad (July 2016)

Pollak Vineyards 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Braised leeks with olives, tomatoes, & polenta (March 2016)

Stinson Vineyards 2013 Sugar Hollow Red

Spinach with Tofu & Kombu (seaweed) (February 2016)

Veritas Winery 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

Planked Salmon with Pesto (April 2016)

Veritas Vineyards NV Red Star

Broiled herbed catfish with blueberry-feta salad (August 2016)

Zephaniah Farm 2014 Rosé

Salmon with whole-grain mustard, cumin corn, parmesan risotto (April 2016)