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Roasted zucchini

I really like zucchini — such a versatile vegetable! It’s great solo, in stews, stir-fried, whatever! But this recipe uses a technique I’d never tried before, roasting. And it was lovely, like a zucchini custard inside, with lightly crisp edges on the outside.

You’ll need 4 zucchini, olive oil, kosher salt, and Continue reading


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Haddock à la Provençale

Inspired by my online friend, Justin, at Buying Seafood, we picked up some fresh haddock this week at our local market. Now, haddock isn’t something that’s always available in our area (not sure why), but it’s a lovely white fish that goes well with a variety of combinations.

Justin had made haddock in a non-FODMAP-friendly recipe (which was delicious!). I decided to try it using a recipe I’ve used for other fish varieties (catfish, salmon, and tilapia), called “à la Provençale” which basically means Continue reading


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Martha Washington’s Creamed Mushrooms

Last week, at the end of posting Herbed Trout on the Grill, I suddenly realized that I’d never posted the recipe for Martha Washington’s Creamed Mushrooms, which we served along with our trout fillets. This is a lovely recipe, very simple but creamy and absolutely delicious.

Martha Washington Creamed Mushrooms

This recipe is modified slightly from its original version in a Colonial Williamsburg cookbook.

You’ll need Continue reading

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