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Planked salmon, it’s what’s for dinner!

Today was so busy and jam-packed with chores to do that dinner had to be something simple and familiar. So I picked planked salmon.

Planked fish is an old colonial Virginia tradition, a way of cooking fish that came from the Native Americans in this area. Basically, you’ll take a cedar plank (generally about 6 inches by 12 or 15 inches), soak it in water, put it over a barbecue grill to sear, then put fish fillets on top. Result — heavenly!

Planking is even one of our great state traditions — the annual Shad Planking in Continue reading


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Mustard-glazed catfish fingers

Looking for a quick dinner that will take 20 minutes or less to cook? Try this one, catfish fingers glazed in a creamy mustard sauce. Quick and very easy!

To make this, you’ll need at least a pound of fresh catfish (our fillet weighed in at 1 1/3 pounds); 1 tablespoon olive oil; 2 tablespoons butter; 1/4 cup white Continue reading

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Maple-glazed brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are great, especially in cooler months (and this spring certainly has been cool here in the mid-Atlantic!). This recipe, modified from one in Cook’s, softens the bitter taste that Brussels sprouts can have with a nice, slightly caramelized flavor. Plus, it’s very easy to make!


You’ll need 2 pounds of fresh Continue reading

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