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Spicy chicken & grape skewers

This is a perfect summertime dinner, very quick to prepare and very delicious! I spotted this recipe recently in my local paper (by Ellie Krieger) and have modified it to suit our family’s preferences for slightly more spicy foods. It’s a great combination of spice plus the almost caramelized sweetness of the grapes.

You’ll need about Continue reading


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Planked Salmon with Pesto

Today was a day for appreciating birthday gifts! And the gifts that I appreciated the most were (1) a gift card to a local spa (where I went this afternoon for a lovely, relaxing aromatherapy facial); (2) a bottle of French Sauvignon Blanc (more on that on my Facebook wine blog!); and (3) a lovely recipe from a cookbook on planked foods, titled Planking Secrets by Ron Shewchuk.

Tonight, I made planked salmon fillet with homemade pesto sauce. We’ve had planked salmon and pesto sauce many times before but never together. They were a fabulous combination!

Before we move on to the ingredients, here’s the cedar plank that I used. We were down to only one plank left so I ordered planks from a couple of sources on Amazon.com, with both sets coming from Canada. This is the one I used tonight.


It’s nice and large, so lots of room for lots of things on top. As always, be sure to soak the plank at least two hours before grilling. I often use the kitchen sink for this, since it’s easy and accessible.


Now, the ingredients for this recipe. For the pesto, one cup of fresh Continue reading

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