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Sofrito (plus salmon!)

Today, I spent the day making sofrito. After retiring 6 weeks ago today, I signed up for a Master Class with Thomas Keller, the great chef at The French Laundry in Napa. One of our assignments was to make sofrito with two different oils (olive and canola). So I did. First, a caution: this will take a total of five (5) hours, so be patient!

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Roast salmon with artichoke-parmesan topping

Wow, it’s been a while — my apologies!

Tonight, I made roasted salmon with a topping of chopped artichokes and parmesan cheese. It was inspired by a recipe in my local paper, though I made a number of modifications to fit our preferences (and the contents of my pantry!).


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Cumin Corn

I got this recipe several years ago at a mini-cooking class arranged by a great friend, Liz Spoone, here in Fairfax County. I’ve modified the recipe from that night, though it’s still very easy to make, can be fixed as a vegan dish, and is pretty tasty, too!


Let’s start by gathering our ingredients which are four Continue reading


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