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Blueberry lattice pie

Fresh blueberries, aren’t they great?! And this recipe is so easy to make, you’ll be using it a lot in blueberry season. It comes to you, courtesy of Andrea Giang (from her Cooking with a Wallflower blog, which I follow). I’ve made only a few minor changes to Andrea’s original recipe, which has a beautiful braided lattice on top.

Here’s my version:

This recipe will take about 90 minutes to make and bake, but then at least 3 hours to cool, so you’ll Continue reading



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Chicken Koftas, revisited

Three years ago, I posted a recipe for Falafel-coated Chicken Koftas on this blog. (“Kofta” means “ball.”)  It was a made-up recipe that blended Indian flavors (via the garam masala spice mix) and the crunchiness of falafel (from the chickpea flour).

This evening, I’d decided to make this recipe again, as it’s one of our favorites, only to discover that there was no more panko in our cupboard. What to do?

Well, I remembered a brief online exchange with Justin (the Buying Seafood blogger) about the low-FODMAPS diet and so decided to swap out white cornmeal for the panko. And, you know, we actually liked it better!

The cornmeal added a nice rich, slightly earthy taste to the chicken koftas and also a nice crunchy note (because the koftas are rolled in it before sautéing). I think this is our new go-to version of this dish!

We paired it this evening with the 2017 North Gate Vineyards Rosé, a 100% Cab Franc dry rosé with cherry and white pepper on the nose and rich deep cherry and pepper on the long, fabulous finish. Great wine!


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Mushrooms duxelles

Mushrooms…. what?

Mushrooms duxelles (pronounced duke-cell) is, honestly, not something I knew much about until going with my husband to a French restaurant for my birthday last week. His appetizer was crêpes stuffed with mushrooms duxelles, so naturally we looked this up.

Duxelles is finely chopped mushrooms, sautéed in butter with shallots and herbs until dry, then used either as a spread, a stuffing (omelettes, crêpes, etc.), or topping. It is said to be named by a famous 17th-century French chef for his employer, the Marquis d’Uxelles.


To make Mushrooms Duxelles, you’ll need Continue reading

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