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Seared scallops

Wow, almost three months since the last post! You are owed an explanation (see end of post!).

Tonight, I made seared scallops, partly because they’re so easy to make and partly because we just got back from a week at North Carolina’s Outer Banks and wanted to hang on to that vacation feeling just a little while longer.

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Scallops à la Mouncey

I love seafood. Whenever we go to the North Carolina coast, we’re in heaven, not only because it’s so lovely but because we can get fresh seafood (“fresh” as in “fresh from the boats that very morning”) every single day if we want to.

One of my favorites is sea scallops. This recipe is from a fellow Virginia wine lover and foodie, not to mention marketing expert, Mouncey Ferguson. We met Mouncey back in 2014 at a wine-blending class at Sunset Hills Vineyard (their “winemaker for a day” event). He shared it with me recently on his Instagram page, and I’ve tweaked it only slightly from his original.


It’s very simple, utterly delicious, and Continue reading


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