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Strawberry jam cupcakes

We spent a wonderful time late this afternoon celebrating the recent retirement of a wine blogger friend. I wanted to bring something a little out of the ordinary, so I made strawberry jam cupcakes. Jam cake is an old Appalachian favorite that my Appalachian grandmother would prepare using blackberry jam that she’d made herself. This past Christmas, one of my gifts was Victuals, Ronni Lundy’s marvelous book of folkways and recipes from the Appalachians, one of the richest foodways in the world.


And in it was a recipe for blackberry jam cake. For the party, I decided to Continue reading


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Strawberry-goat cheese salad

This is such a super-easy recipe to make. And it’s great in the summertime, when super-easy salads are just what you want, especially if they feature fresh produce.


Of course, the down side of super-easy is that I only have this one photo to share because, well, there simply wasn’t that much to this.

Start with about 3 cups of rinsed chopped Continue reading

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Strawberry salsa

This is a super recipe that makes great use of the fresh fruits and veggies now in abundant supply. It’s easy to make and only requires a fair amount of chopping and dicing.


Let’s start! Assemble your (lovely, colorful, fresh!) ingredients: one pound of fresh strawberries; two kiwi fruits; one medium cucumber; one jalapeño pepper; one lemon; and about two tablespoons of mint leaves (I used Continue reading


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