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Foodie Virginia!

Too many activities, too little time to do them in — story of my life these days! But we’ve had some great foodie experiences here in Virginia that I’d like to share, starting with this delectable hot cocoa from our neighborhood (“neighborhood,” as in “within walking distance”) restaurant.

And it really was delectable, too, with foamy handmade marshmallows on top of a rich, creamy hot cocoa. Just the right thing for a chilly late December afternoon! Being a Virginia wine blogger also has

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Virginia wine trail visits

We spent the latter half of the afternoon today out at Linden Vineyards, one of our favorite zen places to be.


Wine, cheese, and charcuterie at Linden Vineyards.

The blizzard we had one week ago was still very much apparent here.


This visit reminded me that I haven’t posted winery photos of our travels around Virginia’s wine trails. No sooner said than done!

Several of our recent trips have been to Loudoun County wineries, including Tarara and Fabbioli, long-time favorites.

Tarara was established a long time ago on the banks of the Potomac River. (The name Tarara is Ararat spelled backwards. The owners visited the property during a flood and commented that a large rock in the middle of the Potomac looked like Mount Ararat. And so sprang the name.) The tasting room and production facility are literally carved into the rock on the river banks, so coming out of the facilities is like coming out of a tunnel:


View from inside the tasting room at Tarara Vineyards.

But inside, it’s quite spacious, kind of like the Tardis in Dr. Who. It’s Continue reading

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