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Glazed carrots

Glazed carrots (or any carrots, for that matter) used to be pretty low on my list of favorite foods, due to the childhood trauma of being forced to eat canned carrots too many times. But these carrots, from the online class with Chef Thomas, were absolutely delightful!

You’ll need one bunch of carrots, fresh parsley, Continue reading


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Last night I made — well, put the finishing touches on — homemade gazpacho. This is a two-day recipe or, at the very least, one that takes a full day because you’ll want to combine all the ingredients and then let them sit before puréeing them in a food processor. But it’s worth the wait!

This recipe came from a cooking class that a friend and I attended at our local Mon Continue reading

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Wild rice-quinoa-dried cherry pilaf

This is a great fall/winter pilaf with lots of texture and flavor variations. I made this for our Thanksgiving dinner to have something a little different. It was a hit!


For this recipe, you’ll need: 3/4 cup uncooked wild rice; 1 cup mushroom or Continue reading

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